100 Years Of Shopping Blandford Town Musem

The Blandford Town Museum, Blandford Forum, exhibit open February 2024. 

This exhibition illustrates the evolution of how we used to shop, tracing the transitions through the rise of plastic usages, the notion of convenience, prevalence of disposable culture, and the surge of mass-consumerism.  Join the conversation about the importance of supporting local businesses, the history behind our packaging, and the positive effects that can be unleashed by embracing a return to our roots. 

Together, let us celebrate the charm, resilience, and authenticity of local town markets and rediscover the joy of connecting with our communities through the act of mindful and intentional shopping. Welcome to a journey that transcends time, linking the cherished past with the transformative potential of the present and future. 

Made possible by the Green Grant from Southwest Museums Development and Arts Council. 

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Pop-up Exhibition, Bath, Sustainable Fashion Week, 

September 2022. 

In collaboration with Sustainable Fashion Week 2022, this exhibition showcased elements of postgraduate research and practice submission, framed through curatorial activism and social practice. 

"Cutting Corners Project foresees an already popular movement in the repair culture, ironically being tangled into a looming fast fashion trend. Could this paradigm shift resolve the fast fashion cycle or hinder it further?"

Offering a voice to those who are exploited by fast fashion - from garment factory workers to all engrossed consumers. 

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