Pop-up Exhibition, Bath, September 2022

Cutting Corners Project

The high-street's latest ‘sustainable’ collections are convincing consumers that they are buying ethically produced fashion. Unfortunately, this is Greenwashing.

Greenwashing is the dodgy practice of conveying dishonest information regarding large corporation’s production practices, targeting appealing eco-conscious consumers.

Truthfully, for a garment to be recognised as sustainable, it must start with its makers being able to make ends meet.

In 2019 it was estimated that less than 2% of fashion workers across the world are paid a living wage, debilitating them to barley fulfil their basic needs.

Living wage is not a luxury, it is a fundamental human right.

A radical intervention of menders, makers, and learning workshop participants have contributed to facilitate change in a misleading industry. Where Visible Mending is a gentle protest, standing in solidarity with workers, against large fashion corporations.

This exhibition re-imagines the idea of emerging fashion trends. Here you will discover a template for mass-repaired denim garments.

Whimsically displaying the current repair movement as the newest ‘must have, sustainable’ apparel.

Embodying a counterculture protest, to raise awareness of the unfair working conditions in fast fashion garment factories today.

(Left) Sashiko Repair Workshop, The Museum of East Asian Art, staff and volunteers. (Right) Repair Cafe, Bath Spa University, students.

With special thanks to:

Mending Volunteers

Alice Bowen-Churchill from Dusta

Klara Firm - A radical visible mender

The Museum of East Asian Art

Prutah Jain for sourcing Audio

Repair Cafe Participants at Bath Spa University